February 15, 2011

Heaven to Wudang

Just found out recently that the final book in the Journey to Wudang trilogy, Heaven to Wudang, is out this June.  {skipping around desk... doin' a little Shen dance}  I love this series.  Kylie Chan has done a fabulous job of weaving Chinese mythology into a contemporary setting.  I got lost in the story, and didn't find it odd at all that this celestial world existed underneath the everyday.

Emma Donahoe is a Aussie ex-pat working in Hong Kong when she takes a full time nanny position for the mega rich Mr. John Chen.  She loves his little girl Simone, and gets along great with the bodyguard Leo.  But things keep happening that cause her to get suspicious.  Emma's nobody's fool, and in the end unearths the big secret surrounding the Chen household.  It takes most of book one for Emma to be let in on the secret, but the pace of the book doesn't suffer for this wait.  The backstory is built up nicely, and you need to know this for Emma's early interactions with those in Hong Kong come back into play in later books.

While this is the final book in the trilogy, it has been confirmed that there is a final trilogy to come.  Yes... three more books of Xuan Wu and Emma.  I hope that we see more of Xuan Wu in this final book.  For those who have already read the books, the ending of Hell to Heaven left me wondering why Xuan Wu didn't just locate Emma with his celestial spidey senses.  Hopefully that will be explained in the new book.  I didn't want to give away anything for those of you who haven't read it yet so sorry about the cryptic wording.

In regards to the new book, I don't know if Kylie will be doing any book signings north of Brisbane yet, but will keep fingers crossed.  I can't put a pic of the dust jacket up yet as they haven't released the artwork yet, but as soon as I find a pic I'll shove it up here.

At the moment, there are no audiobooks of this series that I could locate, but I would love to get one if they ever release it.  Not sure who you'd have reading it, but an Aussie is a must. 

If you want to find out more about this truly excellent series, just go to http://www.kyliechan.com/  There is a forum link as well if you want to check out the boards.  Just look for the Dark Heavens forum link on the homepage, up the top under the links.

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