February 23, 2011

Shabby where?

I've been trying all day to get the bloody background up and running again.  I love the Shabby Blogs backgrounds, but am having a devil of a time getting any of the codes to work at the moment.  Once the page loads I get a message that says "Done, but with some errors", and a little box up in the top left corner that looks like this...

The rest of the elements load perfectly.  Right background colour, correct text area... just the background image fails to upload.  GRRRRRR ... Beautiful Dreamer's image, the usual background pic on this blog, seems to be m.i.a.  Okay try once more - visit Shabby Blogs website, go to backgrounds, pick out ideal look, 'get code'.  Copy code and paste into blogs design area (click edit html/javascript gadget).  Paste into content area and save....
Results... NOTHING!
{totally fuming in front of monitor}
I'm truly hoping it's a problem on Photobuckets end cause this could drive me nuts pretty quickly.  I'll give it a few more tries and hopefully I'll have some background up ASAP.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

P.S - Aqua Butterfly, a beautiful lineart on a textured aqua background, is totally gone from their catalogue.  I think they've retired it!  Now I'll have to find something else appropriate for my other blog.  Darn it.

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