April 8, 2011

Goddess Summoning series

Yesterday I found the next book in the Goddess Summoning series by P.C. Cast that is being re-issued in Australia - with new covers of course.  Goddess of Spring is the tale of Hades, God of the Underworld, and how he falls in love with his queen.

"Lina's trendy bakery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is proving to be less than lucrative and when she stumbles upon an Italian Goddess cookbook, she can't help but think she's found the answer to her problem - even if it meanbs invoking a goddess to save her business.  Soon enough, Lina finds herself face to face with Demeter, who has a plan of her won.  She proposes that Lina exchange souls with the Goddess of Spring, Persephone, who will breathe new life into the bakery.  In return, Lina must bring order to the Underworld.

Now that she embodies the enchantingly beautiful Persephone, Lina has weightier things on her mind than dough and second dates - like the formidable task of bringing spring to a world of spirits.  But when the handsome, brooding Hades kindles a spark in her heart, Lina wonders if this Lord of the Underworld might be the man of her dreams . . ."

This book was an enchanting read.  I have previously devoured her Goddess of Legend, the Roses, and of Troy, but was a little hesitant about the story of Hades and Persephone/Lina.  Thank God that I ignored my concerns and dived in.  Cast has a way of breathing new life into mythology and making it more of a modern day romance than a 2000 year old story.  Hades is wonderfully insecure with Lina and Lina is just magical, including her connection to animals, especially the dread steed of Hades, Orion, and a certain three headed canine guardian of the Underworld.  While not a long and complicated story, it will transport you into a world of Gods and Goddesses.  Try it, I heartily recommend this series.

Rating: 3½ / 5

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