June 12, 2011

Rumour Mill

I've been wondering for many months now just when I'd see the next Merry Gentry book.  It has been sooo long between drinks, and there have been more than a few Anita Blake books released. 

Was the Merry Gentry series going to be killed off?
or had Anita just kidnapped LKH?

The truth is that none of that happened.  And while I, personally, have not enjoyed the last few Anita books (and be truthful, are you really happy with the way Anita has changed?), LKH is preparing another Merry book. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... huh?  Just not for 2011! 

"I have begun work on the next one, actually, but it will not be out this year. The demise of the series and various other rumors have been greatly exaggerated, or just plain made up out of whole-cloth."
I found a blog entry on LKH's newly, and fabulously, revamped website here.  So if you want to read the real reasons behind the disappearance of new Merry books from bookstore shelves, and wish to pray to the Goddess of Fertility, then go there.

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