June 28, 2011

Twitter or bust?

The other day I did something that I never, ever, ever thought I'd do... I joined - wait for it people - Twitter! 

{gasps... and pause for dramatic effect}

Yep, that's right.  I've now joined the Twitter Army.  I'm blaming this on my new phone.  Accessing Twitter, Facebook, etc, is free in Australia with my plan.  So I caved - hanging head in shame now.

The weird thing was, I was only joining so I could follow the random quips, quotes and ravings of some of my favourite authors and actor.  I hadn't written a line... and I still got a follower!  Who da thought?

So now I'm stumped as to what I should be writing.  Should I try and be profound?  Quote the greats or even the not so greats?  I sure as heck don't want to be one of those twitterers who post my every move, thought or purchase.  I'll give it some serious thought while I familiarise myself with the Twitterverse.  If you've got any tips on what to write about, please let me know :P

Apart from that, my Robyn Carr books finally arrived from Amazon!  Yippeeee Skippy!  I can now snuggle up in my bed (that I now have 2 doona's on and 1 blanket) and loose myself in the Virgin River series books 1-4.

Also arriving in the order was the unabridged audio book Fingerlickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich.  Everyone has one little guilty please, and the Stephanie Plum series is mine.  I just love it.  It has been flagging just a little lately, but fingers crossed that the new book kicks some major butt.

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