August 5, 2011

Hit List surprise

Talk about a total surprise!  I was so sure that reading the latest offering in the Anita Blake would leave me feeling disappointed that I nearly didn't read it.  Happily, instead of finding Anita and friends burning up the sheets by page 10, I found myself reminded of LKH's earlier style of Anita Blake novel - she's back baby!

Edward's role in this story just reinforced my feelings.  Olaf is back, but this time he isn't Anita's biggest problem.  She's away from her power base, and the Mother of All Darkness is still after her.

I won't give away the whole plot, but if you've thought that the series had lost it's shiny, then you'll be pleasantly surprised.

While not as good as books 1 - 10, its certainly no Skin Trade.

Give her another chance.

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