October 8, 2011

Just a little morning shower...

... not!

We here in the South Burnett have just had one heck of a thunderstorm.  Unfortunately, I still had my laundry drying on the balcony (2nd floor unit) so had to haul ass out there - before 6am mind you! - to get it off the line.  Thankfully it was only slightly damp.

The storm cut power to my place so I couldn't even make a cup of tea (very annoying), or read my book.  It passed after 40 min or so, but now we're getting a second storm cell.  Just what I needed - all this lovely rain and no tank to put it in (our complex doesn't have tank water even though town water tastes bloody awful).

So this was my Saturday wake-up call... and I just wanted to sleep in this morning too.

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