December 13, 2011

Smokin' Seventeen: the middle of the end?

As an avid reader, I will give anything a go.  However, like Anita Blake, I think Stephanie Plum has definitely seen better days.

Having received a new stack of books from Book Depository I was looking forward to indulging in the new Stephanie Plum. I loved the first 10 books, but I think that the dilemma between Morelli and Ranger has dragged on for way too long - and this book is no different.
Not only is SP still torn between her men, now  instead of her standard nookie fall-back of sleeping with Ranger after temporarily breaking up with Morelli, she goes from one to the other cause she and the cop are supposedly having an open relationship!
What the...?!
The storyline is beyond ridiculous, and I'm finding them to be so formulaic that Ms Evanovich must be phoning them in as the storyline just never seems to change.

With the One for the Money movie due in January, I'm surprised that the last books have been so poor.

From now on I'll borrow them from the library.  No more Stephanie Plum books for me until she makes her choice...

Babe or Cupcake

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