October 6, 2013

Murphy's Law

You have all experienced it, and even mocked it.  But this weekend has just been one annoying incident after another!  

My boss left for a week long cruise of the South Pacific - lucky duck! - and I'm running things solo for the next week (but I've only been there for 9 weeks... as a casual!).  Okay, so yesterday (Day 1) I end up with a few curly situations where things happened that we hadn't discussed, and I hadn't thought to ask.  It all worked out - however my deodorant nearly failed me in the meantime.

Then, last night while I was putting some laundry back in the wardrobe my stripy ninja cat decided to play under the hanging clothes.  Nothing sinister about that?  Yeah, right.  As I was sliding the door shut she made a desperate leap out and over a large glass coffee table top that I'd had propped up on it's side.  She bumped it and it came crashing down... onto my ankle!  It felt like a bomb had gone off in my ankle and the vein that runs down the front of the ankle started to swell like a balloon.  Unfortunately I couldn't just limp off to fix it.  I had to go lug out the vacuum cleaner, and then clean up the broken glass so the furry people didn't cut their feet!  Once that was done - painfully mind you - it was off to the bathroom to get some cold water and a compression sock.  Funnily, I didn't see said cat until I was tucked up in bed - and even then she managed to walk on my ankle as she clambered over the quilt.

Today I took it easy.  I made a comfy nest in the lounge room and watched Season One of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (fabulous!) and read Celebrity in Death.  Thankfully tomorrow is a public holiday here so I can take it easy again.  Finger's crossed I will be fit for duty on Tuesday, otherwise I will up the creek without a paddle...

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