December 19, 2013

Almost done

I thought I'd try my hand at making all my major gifts this Christmas...

and all I can say to that is that I won't be doing it again!

I've finished the quilted place mat for my uncle (a nice mix of denim and blue fabric), and only have to do the binding on the bed runner for my aunt.  However, I'm just about to quilt my mum's lap rug - and thats before I tackle the binding.  (P.S these are the first items I've ever tried to quilt!)

So, with only 5 more days left before the ceremonial handing over of presents,  I'll be the one slaving over the sewing machine and panicking.  Will I finish them time?  I hope so as I don't have any back up gifts on standby.  My hats off to all you competent quilters out there.  You make it seem so easy!

Keep your finger's crossed for me, won't you ;-D

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