December 9, 2013

Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery

Yeah!  Finally, something decent to watch on TV again.  I've been eagerly awaiting the new season of Miss Marple for ages, and last night I settled in to watch the first offering of Season 6 - A Caribbean Mystery.  

It did start off slowly, so I wasn't sure how much I would like it.  One potential con was that after all the fiddling they've done with the plot lines over the last couple of series, I wasn't sure how much they'd alter ACM, but surprisingly it was pretty close to the original.   I loved watching Miss Marple and Mr Rafael dancing around one another, until Rafael finally realizes that he's met his intellectual equal in the little old lady from St. Mary Mead.

So, between the condensed time frame (less than 90min), the gorgeous costumes and makeup, plus the beautiful white sandy beach, I was  very happy with the first installment of the 6th series of Miss Marple.   Thankfully, I remembered to record it (for mum to watch), so I can watch it again when the mood strikes.   Must remember to record next weeks offering as well ;-D

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