December 22, 2013

Yes, it's done!

After much procrastinating - and YouTube searching - I finally made myself sit at the sewing machine to finish mum's quilt.  

Thanks to a simple tutorial (I'll post link later), I was able to complete the binding quicker - and easier - than I'd originally expected.  Even though this is my first ever quilting project, I just couldn't help myself and I made the border a mix of the fabrics used in the quilt itself {I just can't seem to keep it simple !}

The results were more than I'd hoped for. I love it!  For a few seconds I even contemplated keeping it.  But alas, it is now in the pile of presents to be wrapped.  Oh well... looks like I'll be making another one.

No rest for the wicked I'm afraid.  Tomorrow I'm binding a footer... then I'm done ;-D

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