January 19, 2014

Cosy Kick

New bookshelf.  Double sided - double the books ;-D
Hi there!  I've been on a Cosy Kick for the last week or so.  It all started when I bought a big cube bookshelf - so I could create a separate nook - and had to decant the books that were shelved all over the place in the new bookcase.  This led to me finding my long forgotten stash of cosy mystery books that had been pushed to the very back of the bottom shelf (with 2 more rows in front of it!) and not being able to resist reading a page or two... or 200 ;-D

Having exhausted my cosies, I raided the local op shops - found an OOP treasure or two - and then I started on my local library (I'm starting on the K aisle next time).  

** Sorry, must dash. Phone's ringing **

Okay, just mum!  What was I going to say?  Oh, yeah.  Since it turns out that my local library is a very 'cosy' challenged, I hit the online bookshop and was really, really naughty and ordered 13 books!  Thank God I didn't do it in one hit - and that I had two 10% off vouchers left! - so I hunted up some old favourites, with a few new authors sprinkled in for good measure, and am now eagerly awaiting my postie to drop a book or 5 in the mailbox in the next few days.

So just what did I order?  Well... I couldn't resist getting a couple of new Laura Childs titles.  I just love the Tea Shop Mystery series, although I am a more recent convert.  I have The Jasmine Moon Murder, my first foray into the Tea Shop, and my local library had Blood Orange Brewing and Dragonwell Dead (which I've just finished!), so I thought I'd go back to the very beginning and read Death by Darjeeling.

Then because I just couldn't help myself, I fast forwarded and also bought The Teaberry Strangler, Scones and Bones, and Agony of the Leaves.  Seeing how I'll have quite a few Tea Shop Mysteries to solve, I've just decided to really get into the spirit of things, and treat myself to a High Tea morning when they arrive.  It's an excuse to haul out some old delicate china cups and saucers that have been given to me by my aunt, but I can tart up my small dining table with a vintage tablecloth - courtesy of mum - and some gorgeous antique crockery that I have stored with the tea set.  Ooh, can't wait to plan my menu.  {Will post pics if it all looks as gorgeous as I hope!}


Then to round out the list I've also found a few more books in the 'A Flower Shop Mystery' series by Kate Collins that sounded good, Nightshade on Elm Street and Seed No Evil.  I foresee a cosy mystery weekend in the not to distant future.  Must let everyone know that I'll be unavailable ;-D

Happy reading!

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