April 5, 2014

Small Break

Hi all,

I just had a few days computer free.  It was wonderful to not jump online and sit at a desk for a couple of hours - during which time I usually end up with a really numb butt at some stage ;-D

During this down time, I managed to get some general cleaning done around the house that I've been putting off for a while, as well as cook a few meals to put into the freezer for those times when I'm too tired to cook.  Thinking ahead, that's me!

Resized from original (f/6.2, 1/25sec, ISO-125)
I've also been trying to curb my reading as well.  I have to make an appointment with the optometrist soon as it's been about 2 years since I've had my prescription checked - oops! - and my eyes are just so scratchy at the moment.  Until then, I'll be taking it easy and sticking to audiobooks at night.  This will also leave me more time to play around with my new digital camera that I finally bought to replace my old reliable Fuji Finepix.  It was fabulous, but at nearly 9 years of age (and only 6MPs) it was getting frustrating to take clear macro shots that I could use in my photography.  All I really needed was a everyday camera for the moment - my phone's camera totally sucks! - until I decide what digital SLR to go with.  So last night I spent some time playing around with the settings and taking photos of anything that would stand still long enough... as you can see from my curious cat above.

PS - If you have any digital SLR recommendations, please, please, please let me know in the comments section ;-D

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