October 9, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday - Female Characters

Hi to all you booklovers out there.  Yes, it's that time again. Sorry this is a day late, but life - and a smart phone that looses all off your first draft - happens ;-D

Today I'm going to be discussing my Top 5 Female Character.  The Top 5 Wednesday series was created by the lovely Lainey at GINGERREADSLAINEY and I'll include a link to the Goodreads group if you would also like to participate {here}

Okay, on to my top 5 female characters.  This was a bit of a conundrum.  There are just so many fabulous heroines these days.  You have the funny girls, the kick-ass fighters, the smart and sexy ones, girls next door, women who overcome all the odds, magical odd-bods, loners or down righ evil villains.  Just how do you narrow your list down to just 5?  Well I did, and here they are;

Meg Corbyn

Meg is on a journey of self discovery.  She is sweet and smart, innocent and worldly.  I love the growth that I have seen this character, as well as her influence on those around her.  Can't wait to see what Meg is like when she is complete ;-D

Kate Daniels

Ever bookshelf needs a kick-ass character, and Kate Daniels is one of mine.  Tough and smart, she is a hiding a powerful legacy.  Surrounded by magic, shapeshifters and awakening Gods, Kate is more at home swinging a sword than shooting a gun {and she couldn't hit the side of a barn if she tried!}.  A fast and fantastic read, I revisit Kate and Co. when I need a pick me up.

Elena Devereaux

All of our characters have undergone some sort of change, but Elena's is the most obvious.  Once mortal, now a part of the angelic throng, Elena is a smart, strong and tenaciously loyal woman.  I love the Guild Hunter series, and often go back and visit the world of Elena and her Archangel mate.

Merry Gentry/Anita Blake

With all the women in fiction to choose from to fill my next spot I know some people will be surprised at my inclusion of Anita Blake.  I have ranted in the past about the direction the series is headed in - as well as Anita's moral compass - but I have included her here, with Merry Gentry, because not all the most memorable characters are perfect.  It is often those with flaws or fault that capture our hearts the most.  Merry and Anita are those characters for me.  Loyal, smart, powerful and complicated, they are each oh so memorable.

Lt. Eve Dallas

Life for Eve started out bad.  Abused from a young age - and with amnesia to boot - she was left to flounder, alone, in the foster system.  Years later she has turned her life around and is a dedicated servant of the law.  But the case on which we first encounter Eve is the one that will open the memories of her past, just as it puts the man of her dreams in her future.

Lt. Dallas is one of the best female characters you could ever hope to read.  Loyal and dedicated, intelligent and intuitive.  I have laughed and cried, railed at injustice with her and applauded her courage.  J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) has developed a female protaganist who embodies everything you want in your heroine - and it doesn't hurt that she's married to a gorgeous, sexy Irish multi-billionaire either ;-D

I would also like to include some honourable mentions, these are female characters I love but they just didn't make it into my top 5;

Aurora Teagarden, Mercy Thompson, Kaylin Neya, Diana Bishop, Stephanie Plum {a real shock there}, Lula, Elizabeth Bennett, Jaenelle Angeline, Alexia Tarabotti, Emma Donohoe, to name a few.

So I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Female Characters.  Have questions or comments?  Leave me a message down below, you know what to do ;-D

Until next time,

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