June 25, 2015

T5W || Characters you wish you could drown

Hello, once again!  I hope you are enjoying your morning.  I'm freezing my fingers off - Winter is finally setting in - and so to get back to my hot water bottle, I'm just going to dive right in.

This week we discover all those characters we wish we could drown.  The mean, the nasty and the just plain horrible.  Meet the characters I'll be sending down to meet Davey Jones ;-D

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Not an obvious choice when you consider all the characters from Austen's books, but there was just something about her possessive tendencies, and mean disposition that really rubbed me the wrong way.  A matriarch who loves to wield her power not just throughout her family, but the wider community, she is a viper with a sharp tongue.

Benjamin is the blood son of Matthew Clairmont, and is a right royal bastard.  He has been capturing, raping and killing women throughout the centuries with some twisted goal in mind {not going to tell you what cause that would be a spoiler!}.  Thought dead for the last couple of hundred years by Matthew, and his family, Benjamin recently resurfaced and threw his lot in with some witches so he could target Diana, wife of Matthew.

Richard Zeeman made this list because of the complete 180 his character has done.  He started out as a great guy.  Okay, he has some furry issues, but the further we got into the series, the worse Richard got.  He was possessive of Anita, he began to usual violence casually, but yet didn't have the balls to lead the wolf pack he now rules, instead relying on Anita to be the boogeyman of the pack (i.e. pack executioner), and he just ended up being emotionally unstable at times.  Easy to anger, quick to deal out punishment, and then he'd end up drowning in regret and remorse.  To be fair, he was not so bad in the last book, Dead Ice, but still he's more trouble than he's worth.  Into the sea with you RAZ.

Taranis is the King of the Seelie Court in the Merry Gentry series, and a great uncle of Merry's.  Once a good ruler, he is now going bug-nuts insane.  Taranis hid his fertility problems from the court, sentencing them to die out as a race because their fertility is linked to their rulers.  In an effort to ensure his secrets were kept safe he's turned loose magical monsters, and assaulted his niece.  A complete whack job with immense powers at his fingertips.  Deep six him Merry!

Okay, just to set the record straight, I've never read these books, picked them up, listened to the audiobook or read any of the reviews.  I have also never watched the movie - and don't plan to.  However, Mr. Grey is at the top of my list to drown just so that I will never have to listen to anything else about this character - EVER!  It's time to fit Mr. Grey for his cement booties.

And that is my list of characters that I would love to send into the deep blue.  Do you agree with any of my choices?  If not, who would you send down into the deep to sleep with the fishes instead? Let me know in the comments ;-D

And, as always, T5W was created by the lovely Lainey at GINGERREADSLAINEY and I'll include a link to the Goodreads group {HERE} if you would also like to participate. 

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