July 19, 2015

Four thrift stores in two days

This week has been a mixed week.  Had a few health snafu's, and am still trying to come to terms with the closure of the only bookshop within 100kms!, but on the plus side, had amazing thrift shop finds this week.

It's been weeks since I last set foot in most of the thrift shops around town - we have 4 - and usually I come away with a few books, perhaps one that is currently on my Book Depository wishlist.  However this week I had amazing luck.  It all started with wanting a bedside table so I could once again see the time on my alarm clock...

I went into the first thrift shop, which is opposite a gym that pumps out the most annoying perky (and loud) music, but within 30 seconds I had my first book (Jason by LKH).  I knew that this was going to be a good day.  I browsed for as long as I could stand the music, but found two Agatha Christies for $1ea.  They are in an edition I like, and I don't have them yet.  Then I found a copy of The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham.  This has been on my wishlist for ages, but I could never find a cover that I liked.  However, this edition is so 80's and funky that I wasn't going to quibble over the $1 price tag.  Even though this was a great haul so far, I'm most excited about the poetry anthology that I picked up just before I headed for the cash register.

It is just a generic poetry book that a student has covered in some God-awful tinted contact, but it has a few of the poems that I adore that it could have been water-damaged and I would have happily brought it home.  I found poems by Robert Frost (above), Christina Rossetti, Edgar Allen Poe, and the poems range from the 15th century to the late 20th century with some Judith Wright.  Unfortunately no Dorothea Mackellar, but no matter.  There is even a Christopher Marlowe poem with a replying poem from Sir Walter Raleigh!

Anyhow, then I went up to a thrift shop on the other side of town, cause, you know... don't want to be logical or anything.  So, it was here that I found the stool.  Perfect height, circular top with a 12 inch diameter, and tall enough that I won't be knocking stuff off it as it sits well above mattress level.  Will have to give it a lick of paint, but it's in place at the moment because I seriously needed it ASAP!  It was at this shop that I found my first Terry Pratchett offering.  I've been living here for four years and this is the first time that any of his Discworld books have been in a thrift shop!  I was beginning to think that either no one in town read them, or they were just handing them down through family and friends.  It wasn't a book that I was actively hunting, but Making Money was there in hardcover for only a few dollars - and in excellent condition - so I bought it too.  My last find was a lovely looking Penguin edition of The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.  Only $2.

Then yesterday I made the mistake of going to the final two thrift shops in town before heading off to my local library.  Actually, I was headed to a discount store to pick up some more wool for a big scarf/shawl that I'm knitting.  They didn't have any wool at the moment, but I only had to walk around the corner and up a few stores so my feet seemed to automatically head in that direction.  

Had pretty good luck there too.  Bought some great books that I'd been keeping my eyes on.  Found Ruth Park's The Harp in the South.  An Australian Classic about growing up in Sydney in the 1940's (I think).  Also bought an original paperback of Anne McCaffrey's The Crystal Singer, as well four Shakespeare books for 20c ea.  A copy of The Alchemists Key by Traci Harding, and Junky by William S. Burroughs were my last finds here.

These editions of Shakespeare were a real find.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Haven't read MacBeth since year 12!  This copy also includes one of my favourite types of vandalism - student annotations! ;-D  I love to see what people have written in the margins.   Gives you a greater understanding of poetry, plays, etc.

Then it was off to the final store before hitting the library and getting the hell home.  My feet were aching (have achilles tendonitis as well as plantar fasciitis people!), but I knew if I didn't go in I would probably miss out on something I've been after for ever.  Unfortunately, I did get my hands on a copy of The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood, which I have been after for ages.  However, I just didn't feel like buying it.  Strange, huh?  Perhaps I'll see if it's there later in the week.  If it is, well, it was meant to come home with me.

I didn't pick up anything to buy, but as I was leaving the store I noticed a little bin of books by the other side of the register.  I went to have a look and was shocked to see that they were only 20c ea!  Yes, that's not a typo!  20c each!  Well, I dug through the lot and found some interesting books that even if they turn out to be duds, I didn't spend much on them.  So all the books you see above (minus a Clive Cussler for my aunt) set me back a grand total of $1.60.  So happy with these finds.  There is even a complete Sci-Fi space trilogy in there!  

Let me down below know if you've read any of these.  I really need some recommendations as to which book I need to pick up first.

Until next time,

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