September 2, 2015

T5W - Favourite Maps

Sorry that I haven't been able to update regularly.  Having carpal tunnel in both wrists really sucks and puts a limit on what you can do.  But, I'm determined to get some of August's T5W topics up so here goes nothing ;-D

Looking at maps can often be a disappointing experience.  Most of the time, it's just a boring old layout, with nothing to distinguish it from any other map in a book.  But sometimes you stumble across a gem, or two...

Yes, this is just a standard line map that can be found in nearly any fantasy book, but one of the reasons this map made it into my top 5, was the adorable wolf pair located in the top left corner (next to a very small compass).  Very simple to understand, and contains all the relevant locations from the book.  Not too daunting to take in.  Maps very similar in the following 5 books in the series, but alter due to characters movements.

Had to include this map for obvious reasons - and this naked cover map is hiding underneath a very sweet dust jacket for the second book in the Theodosia Throckmorton series, Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris.  Love the antique quality of the map, and the limited colour palette.  Reflects the era that the books are set in.  Find myself trying to find places from other books on this map.

Yes, another cover map, but this is quite different from the above map.  I love the way that the designer has used typography to form the map.  So intricate, and would be amazingly time consuming to make.  Would love a large version to put up on my wall.  The limited colour palette works very well, and having the Thames River is red, like blood, makes this very eye-catching indeed.

Source: (via Google Images)

This would have been my ultimate map if only a copy of this awesome map had come with the book! The movies showed such a beautiful rendition that I think we wish all maps were like this.  But since the movie map is the only one we have {but you can purchase a copy online Own the Marauder's Map!}, then I have no choice but to put the Marauder's Map in second place.

What more can I say about this.  The maps in The Hobbit are just gorgeous.  I love the hand drawn quality, and the multiple languages used.  It looks amazing, and you just want to grab it and go in search for the Lonely Mountain yourself ;-D

As always, T5W was created by the lovely Lainey over at GINGERREADSLAINEY and I'll include a link to the Goodreads group {HERE} if you would also like to participate. 

Thanks again for stopping by, and let me know below what your favourite bookish map is.  Did it make my list?  Let me know ;-D

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