October 23, 2015

Not getting hardcover!

Yep, it's official.  I won't be getting the hardcover of Six of Crows.  After I updated you all on the news that Book Depository were sending the hardcover edition my way (so excited!), the next morning I got an email to say that there had been a mix up with the publishers/information - and the book I ordered was not supposed to be listed as a hardcover.  


So, I will be getting a refund instead.  I'm a tad miffed that I won't be getting the book in hardcover, but the trade is just as nice so I'll stick with that.

On the plus side, the staff at Book Depository were very quick to answer emails, and even emailed me back to update me on the mix up (and offered refund).  Thank you, Book Depository ;-D

Until next time,

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