December 10, 2015

Anita Blake #25 Announced!

Just discovered that the 25th book in the Anita Blake series has been listed on Goodreads and Book Depository.  

Crimson Death
In her twenty-fifth adventure, vampire hunter and zombie raiser Anita Blake learns how far she’ll go to save someone she loves…
When Damian—Anita’s sometimes lover, servant, and friend—is kidnapped, Anita heads to Ireland. There she must face off against the vampire who created him. M’Lady, Moroven, Nemhain… under every name she brings terror and destruction. But Anita brings her own weapon to the party: Edward, the man known as Death itself…

Sadly, there is no cover art available yet.  I will post an image as soon as it becomes available.

Crimson Death will be available from June 07, 2016.

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