April 25, 2016

On the mend

It's been a little while since I posted anything, and now I can finally manage to do something other than sit on my bed and read books, the simple task of sitting at my desk to use the computer, and type on the keyboard, is very liberating.  I am so excited to get back online!

If you don't know, almost 2 weeks ago I had surgery on my wrist.  Thankfully it was only a short procedure, but I have had a lot of pain, and only got the stitches out a few days ago.  I'm still waiting to go to the physio, but until then I'm exercising my wrist as much as I can.  So, in the spirit of wrist 'exercise' I dug out my Alice in Wonderland colouring book.

So for most of Friday I coloured.  I sat on the couch, watching my new blu-rays (The Fifth Element, Jupiter Ascending, and Guardians of the Galaxy) while I shakily started to fill the black and white pages with colour.  On Saturday afternoon I was back in front of the TV again, adding some gold to the appropriate parts of the page - just a little bit shaky as you can see - but although my wrist felt like I'd been lifting 20lb weights all day, I was happy with the progress I was making, and how much more control I was able to have with the fine paintbrush.

Which lead me to feeling a bit cocky as I decided to tackle the title page with said gold paint, and watercolours to complete the illustration.  Don't ask me why I decided that that was a good idea, but by the end of my colouring session I was as worn out as a dishcloth.  My hand was cramped from holding it in the same position for hours, and I was getting one heck of a back ache.  Still, I am on the way to completing my first pages from this book, and I'm happy with how my wrist is improving.

Yesterday I tried to do a little more, and only added some colour to a few of the swirls holding the teacups (above pic), and added a little bit more gold to the clock page.  Today I'm going to spend reading - once I finish typing this post - and head off to the ANZAC Day ceremony in the local park.

On the book front, I'm still awaiting some parcels in the mail and will do a book haul when I get them all, as well as review the books that I have devoured while I was stuck in bed for nearly 2 weeks - though I have been adding my recent reading materials to my Instagram account if you can't wait for reviews.

So until next time,

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