May 12, 2016

Autumn is finally here

{as you can tell from the photo above, it's later when I finished this post.  Sky was so lovely to photograph against}

Good morning, my lovelies!  Today is a beautiful chilly autumn day, you know the kind - with painfully blue skies and not a cloud to be seen.  Been quite a while since we've had any autumn-worthy weather, so I thought I'd take advantage of it and try some outdoor book photo's later ;-D

On the plus side, my wrist is getting better slowly.  There is still a hard part under the scar, but I can now type more comfortably - but it means that I've had to spend the morning trying to update my Goodreads book challenge as I've been M.I.A there for the past 4 and a bit weeks!  Oops ;-D

I've read a few more titles since my last update, including Boyfriend from Hell by Jamie Quaid {review to come}, and discovering that the book I bought the other day from the Big W bargain bin is the same book that was delivered about 2 weeks ago - only with a better cover!  Oh well, such are the problems of a bookaholic.

My May title for A Year of Marple arrived today.  Sadly I can now no longer put off reading what is one of my least favourite of the adaptations.  Fingers crossed that I find the book more palateable.  And I have only read the first few pages of my Classic a Month book, Emma by Jane Austen.  It's not looking very good on the book challenge front, is it, if I can't get my butt into gear and read my designated TBR.  See, this is why I don't like setting a TBR for myself as I am a mood reader.  Oh well, at least I can tick them off my list and will be able to confidently say that "yes, I've actually read that" by the end of the year ;-D

Okay, have to quite now as I'm getting more than a few "Stop. . . NOW!" messages from my wrist.  I've learnt the hard way to stop when the aching sets in.  Will update the blog as I can, but will be posting pictures of my reading life on Instagram if you want to know what I'm reading.

Until next time,

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