June 9, 2016

Hot Water Bottle Makeover

Sorry about the poor quality of this pic.  Taken with old phone 📷

So, after over 12 months of not being able to get out the sewing machine and create, I have done just that over the last few days.  I've decided not to let my bum wrists stop me from doing some of the things I want to do - and sewing/quilting is right up there, creative wise.

finally getting back to last April's project
On Sunday I tentively set up the sewing machine on my large coffee table, in front of the Miss Marple episodes I was watching on DVD, and thought I'd just get one or two little items finished off so that I could pack them away properly.  However, by the end of the hour I had put together another couple of the basic blocks... and I was hooked all over again!

and so the sashing begins

So, I sashed the basic blocks (and ironed them, but that's another story) and was wondering what to do when we got hit with some more freezing cold mornings.  That meant that the hot water bottle became the target of my attention as I don't have a nice cover for it.  Thus began my plans...

sorry about the poor quality pic, taken with old phone

Yesterday, after I got home from the hospital physio, I sorted through some fat ¼'s, made a template from my own bottle, and after I got all the other bits and bobs I'd need (batting, backing fabric, sissors, ruler, cup of tea) I started designing.

yep, another pic taken with old phone.  wish I could adjust the photo quality, but there you go.

It took nearly all of yesterday - as I have to take regular breaks for my wrist and back - but I finally put together a cover that I was mostly happy with.  I love the fabrics, and while I might alter one or two things the next time 'round, I gave it a test run last night (while reading Hot Six, and half listening to Season 4 of Fringe) and it kept my trusty old hot water bottle warm all night!

So happy!

Until next time,

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