August 7, 2016

Friday sucked

I bought this on Friday afternoon, desperately trying to find something to distract myself from the decision to let my furry old friend, Titchy, go.  My mother and aunt took her home with them - and to their lovely vet.  So, after bawling for about an hour, I pulled myself back together and went back to our small local shopping centre and picked up a copy of Nevernight (which I had eyed off earlier in the day).

Unfortunately I didn't, and still don't, really feel like picking up a book.  I've been binge watching multiple seasons of The Murdoch Mysteries, and snuggling up to my remaining furry buddies.  Will try to get to it after I move into my new house next month.  In the mean time I need to avoid all the spoiler reviews!

Also, isn't the cover art beautiful!  Love how the artwork wraps around the whole book.  Reminds me of the artwork of Kerby Rosanes (that gorgeous and quirky adult colouring book, Animorphia).

Let me know in the comments what you thought of Nevernight.  Did you enjoyed it, or perhaps not.  But please, no spoilers!

Thanks, and until next time...

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