June 4, 2017

We all float

It's now June, so I've started rereading IT for the first time in over 25 years!  I can't believe its been so long since I've read this book.  I was going to read it before seeing the remake due out in September, but when I saw that @jobis89 was doing a readalong on IG (#weallfloatreadalong) I knew I had to join in.

At the moment I'm 170 pages in (out of a whopping 1153!) and I'm realizing that I have forgotten quite a bit of the details surrounding the characters.  So far all the Losers have been contacted in 1985 by Mike, and we're now being taken back to 1958 for what I assume will be a not so pleasant walk down memory lane.

I tried reading outside on the lawn yesterday but a neighbours mowing put the kybosh on that.  Pondered trying again today as the weather is gorgeous - if bloody cold - but other neighbour has since jumped on his ride-on mower so I guess I'll just settle down on the couch in a nest of blankets while I catch up.

Fingers crossed I can get a chunk of this read today.  Need to get back into the King shelf and read more.  Perhaps I'll even tackle The Stand later this year?

Do you have a favourite King novel?  Let me know in the comments 😄

And until next time,

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