July 21, 2017

Bookmail loveliness

It's always exciting to get stuff in the mail - well, not those envelopes with windows, but the good stuff.  Parcels.

I will admit to buying a decent number of Stephen King books recently, and most of them have been arriving in dribs and drabs.  Doesn't matter, I love it!

There is nothing quite like opening up a parcel that contains a book you've been looking forward to adding to your collection.  Most of the books have been in good, or better, condition - with a couple of notable exceptions (but that's another post).

At the moment I'm trying to find as many of the Hodder editions as I can because I like the interesting cover designs and the way they will all be a uniform size on my shelves { mismatched sizes are a big bookish pet peeve of mine } and the rainbow spines will look great.  Well, once I get a bookcase for my King collection.

So I will continue to buy used King books.  I'm still trying to source some of the harder to find titles, although recently I was abke to get The Stand, Cujo, Pet Sematary and Christine in the Hodder covers.

Next challenge is to find some first editions, or at least an imprint from the year of release.  Have a few, but some have just been eluding me so it's nearly time to start the hunt in earnest.

So until next time,

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