May 23, 2010


Wow, over a month has passed since I last wrote anything here.  I'm so slack at this at times.  I get busy, and presto... no blog!

I've been good lately and have resisted the temptation of the written word.  Well, the bound and very expensive word anyway.  I've been study a lot as I have 3 units on the go at the moment.  Who would have thought that studying for Librarian qualifications would be soooo intense?  {grinning as I slave over the keyboard!}

My recent orders have been research based, not recreational so nothing new to report unless you are interested in early nineteenth century/Georgian England.  It's a fascinating period in history, and one that has hard to find resources.  Everything seems to be Victorian this, Edwardian that, or Medieval who... it's enough to drive you potty at times.  Still, once you find the information you've been slaving for hours to locate... :P

I am awaiting the arrival of the last of my earlier orders from Amazon.  They sent me a nice little email last week to tell me that I should have Magic Bleeds in about another 2 weeks.  Now riddle me this - how is it that Amazon in the US takes over 2 weeks to get an item to me, when Amazon in the UK only takes about 3-4 days?  It's still as far away from Australia as you can get, but the Brits still manage to get things here earlier {psst, come closer.... and their DVDs and some books work out cheaper too!}  I find that a majority of my research information can be found there cheaper.  Ordinary fiction titles are not really worth the quibble over, unless the dollar is doing badly.  Hopefully it'll pick up in the next few days so I can order Season 3 of Doctor Who - yes, I know, I know.

So, for the next week or so I'll be haunting my mailbox.  Waiting for the elusive amazon parcel.  Then I have to do so all over again as I pre-ordered Laurell K Hamilton's Bullet!  Oy!  When will I learn? :D

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