June 6, 2010

Books Galore

And I've been so good recently too!  Last week I just dived right in there at the local shopping centre.  I cut a swathe through QBD and Bookworld, sauntered through Big W and meandered in K-Mart.  I bought 7 books on my want list that I really don't need at the moment - seeings how I still have about half a dozen books left from my last little splurge :P  Still, I jumped right into them.  Moon Sworn is the last of Keri Arthur's Riley Jenson series.  I found it a little different from the other books, but not a bad read.  A good Aussie author, Ms Arthur has another series in the works that spins off from this one.  It sounds good and I will definitely give it a go.

Master of Fire is the Mageverse story that I know alot of people have been waiting for.  It's about Logan MacRoy, the son of King Arthur and Guinevere.  I've been following this series on and off for the last 5 or 6 years.  Not a bad book, but not as great as Master of Swords.  The next book however, Master of Smoke, sounds like it'll be a cracker of a story.

Dead in the Family is the latest Sookie Stackhouse book out.  After reading the comments on the Amazon website for this book I was a tad apprehensive about reading it.  For me the series has been slightly less enjoyable for each book.   DitF was different.  I enjoyed it much more than I did Dead & Gone.  Sookie is finally finding her feet in the supernatural world, and she is in a stready and loving relationship.  She is able to say NO to people she would have trusted in the first couple of books, and there are some great moments in it.  All in all, a good addition to the series.

My copy of Magic Bleeds arrived in the mail last week too.  It was great.  I devoured it in a couple of hours - yes, I know that's quick, but I just can't help it.  And I also received my Amazon UK stuff as well (yeah Dr Who!).  Then to top it all off, last Friday I went on a day trip with some of the family and ended up in Maleny. 

For those who aren't familiar with it, its a gorgeous little dairy/craft town in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  Absolutely stunning views as you climb the mountain range in the morning and look back over the coastline to see the sun reflecting gold off the water.  Although if you're looking to visit in winter... take a hot water bottle with you! :D  Unfortunately for me, once I got there I found 2 secondhand bookshops as I was wondering around the main street, and a few other little crafty stores that I just had to stop in.  Now, I went up there hoping not to buy anything, but I just found the most delightful looking fern (yes, I am a closet gardener okay!), and a nearby store that sold quilted blankets.  If I had of had a spare $250 dollars there was a beautiful country quilt that would have been accompanying me home.  One place I did indulge in was the handmade sweets shop.  The fudge was to die for!  I tried the Rum & Raisin (mum's favourite), but fell in love with the Cookies 'n' Cream fudge.  It was heavenly!  So we bought a few chunks, and went for a lovely hot coffe at a local bakery.

My one regret of the day was that I didn't buy a book at the secondhand shop that I was drooling over.  My only hope is that it will be there when we next go back... hopefully soon?

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