July 7, 2010

Freezing my freckles off!

God, it's cold here at the moment.  For anyone who lives in QLD, you just know that it's not supposed to get cold like this!  I'm sitting at my computer with a hot water bottle on the way, and I'm contemplating putting on my knitted wrist warmers.  This cold snap really bites :P

On the plus side, I've been able to snuggle up amongst my warm quilts, blankets underneath, to do a little winter reading.  I've been through my crime/mystery/romance kick - loved Karen Rose's books, especially "I'm Watching You" - and have once again returned to the fantasy realm.  I've been re-reading my already battered copy of 'Magic Bleeds', and even dragged out my copy of 'Archangel's Kiss' by Nalini Singh.  I know these books have only been out for months, but I really wish I had the next books in the series in my freezing little hands.

I've already ordered a copy of Kylie Chan's new book "Hell to Heaven" which is released on Aug 02 in Australia, sorry to those in the US, but it's not available on Amazon!  Thankfully, she's got the third book of her second trilogy scheduled for release in early 2011.... yes!

Apart from that, the only other reading I've been doing is for my course.  Studying to become a librarian involves a lot of boring reading - don't let anyone tell you that working in a library is only about reading good books all day.  By the time I've gotten my Diploma, and hopefully gone on for the Adv. Dip., I'll be working full time in the library industry, cause I've gotta tell you that studying all the cataloguing techniques while not working in the industry is a right royal pain in the butt!

So, enough about that.  I'll have to leave this entry here because I think my fingers are about to snap off.  For all of you basking in a northern summer.... you lucky sods, you!


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