July 12, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Nothing book related today.  Since I've been freezing my butt off I am grateful for every semi-warm winter's day we get.  It's been quite good to us this year.  I've managed to get my 2 roses to flower well this season.  The first one was just a miniature creamy white rose.  There is a small scent to the flowers, but when I was in Bunnings about 2 months ago, I smelt the most gorgeous rose perfume imaginable.  So off I went in search of this delectible scent.  Turns out that it belonged to a new rose called 'Love Potion'.  Boy, was it potent!  I bought one and every time I went passed the laundry door, you could just smell the perfume waft over from beside the tank.  I mean, it was heavenly.  The flowers were a beautiful lavender colour and it looked stunning.  Then... oh, boy.

After the first 3 buds flowered, I found another one coming up.  "Oh goodie" says I.  I'll have another bud to put in a vase on my dresser.... yeah, a pink one!  Turns out that while it had come with purple tinted blooms, it really has pink ones.  God knows how they worked that, but yes - I have a pink rose.  A very sweet and lovely princess pink rose!  I'd have loved to have taken a photo of it, but sadly, a sudden rainstorm ripped all the petals off.  But still... a pink rose?

My ferns, on the other hand, are just throwing up new fronds.  I have been cursed in the past with a black thumb.  But over the past 12-18 months I've found that that doesn't extend to roses or ferns... go figure?  So, I have been collecting a multitude of ferns to place in the courtyard area off my bedroom door.  They add a lot of lovely green colour to my small room, and make the area seem larger than it is.  I also find it very relaxing just to watch them bob around in the dappled sunlight.

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