October 25, 2010

Waking up to this!

Well, it's one of the stranger ways to be woken up in the morning.  The other day, the first truly sunny day we've had in quite a while, there was some weird birds calling during the night... all night.  Then at about 6am, blurry eyed and with the hair from hell, a knock on the door and a barely caught "... come out and have a look at what's out back!" had me struggling to untangle myself from the covers. 

This was what greeted me...

Who would have thought not one, but 4 of these crested mooks would be wandering the streets?  They wandered down towards the shed at the back of the yard, jumping the neighbours fence.  I lured them back with little pieces of toast crust... ole blue above liked it.  The others were stuffing their faces on Nasturtium leaves.  Then, just when I tried to get some more pics of them (they are skittish and totally idiotic) the female flew off across the street, landing on the 2 storey house across the road.  She gave a honking cry... et, voila.  All 3 of her handsome men took off like a shot.

Just another day at the zoo here :D

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