February 28, 2011

Out and About

It's a beautiful day today, and for a change I thought that I'd just have breaky at McDonalds this morning and take total advantage of the free wi-fi.  I needed to do some final internet searching for my assignments and since dial-up is all we have access to at home (in a black zone for mobile phones and wireless) I made an executive decision to come into town.

Okay, it's totally overpriced these days, with an English Muffin at $1.50, and Hotcakes setting you back $3.45, but I don't mind treating myself occasionally.  Today the wi-fi is a little sluggish, but not too bad.  My only criticism about using a laptop at McDonalds is that there is a limited amount of booths - and all the school kids seem to be there first.  Luckily today I was able to snag my favourite booth, and there aren't too many teens around.  There have also been no screaming toddlers this morning which is a boon too.

So after I've finished my cuppa, I'll run a few errands and then take myself home.  Early in and early out suites me just fine.

PS - tried to view my blog here, but won't load all the posts.  Background looks good though :)

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