March 1, 2011

... the Order?

For those of you who haven't read any of the Kate Daniels series - hang your heads in shame people - the Order is a faction in the Katieverse that our reluctant heroine, Kate Daniels, used to work for.  I was actually checking to see if the Curran POV 3 was posted (it isn't), but found the "Kate Daniels Quiz 1" instead.  I think I got snookered.  I ended up belonging to the Order!  What the....?  I was at hoping for the Pack.  Although once I read the little blurb that went with it it kind of fitted me.  I'm just grateful I wasn't one of the People :)

If you want to see where you belong in the Katieverse, then hop on over to Ilona Andrews site, or follow the link below.



You are a Knight of the Order of Merciful Aid. You're disciplined, competent, and organized. You serve a higher purpose and you tend to take a rational approach to most problems. Your mission is simply to protect mankind, even if it means protecting it from itself. You are lethal, honorable, and unfortunately, convinced that you are always right.
The Order of Merciful Aid offers exactly what it promises: merciful aid on the edge of the sword or by the burn of a bullet. Powerful and disciplined, the Order is a nation-wide organization, which consists of elite warriors and scholars.
More about the Order and other factions:

I mean seriously.... the Order?

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