March 19, 2011

Still Waiting...

and waiting.  It's now been over a week since I admitted my desktop for repairs.  This laptop is now officially driving me nuts!  I can't view my blog so you'll have to forgive me if the posts look crappy.  I'm still unsure as to why I can view some blogs on my laptop, but not others.  It's a mystery?

On a good note, on Tuesday I received 'River Marked' in the mail.  I'll review it once I get my desktop back and can actually preview what I'm doing.  As well as that, our local K-Mart and Big W have been selling discount books so I've been able to buy a handful of now OOP (out of print) Berkley Prime Crime books (or Cosy Mysteries if you prefer to call them that) that even our library - or Book Depository - have available... lucky me!

So fingers crossed that I get my faithful and trustworthy (when it feels like it) computer back today.  I'd really like to do some studying {I know, I know what you're thinking... but really, the sky isn't falling chicken little!}

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