March 29, 2011

Problem sorta kinda fixed

Got timed out at McDonalds on Saturday and luckily a draft of my entry was saved. . .

Okay, I'm at McDonalds again and I still couldn't view my blog.  'Operation Aborted' is not what you want to see everytime you go online.  So after finding a possible problem to my solution on google's blogger site I tried removing all my javascript code and voila! - it worked.  So now I am back to my plain old design until I can work out what the hell went wrong.
This means getting back my tower... again.  I picked it up yesterday after being assured that the modem was finally reinstalled and working only to turn the computer on this morning in anticipation of a day catching up on emails and other stuff (including my blog) only to find that it had dropped out again!  So I spent the morning on the phone to them and took it back in.  The tech I spoke to on the phone said it sounded like a faulty modem so hopefully I won't have to pay for any of the parts or labour.  I'd better not have to anyway.
Apart from that, I spent the week pouring over the books that arrived via snail mail.  It was great!  I don't start my new TAFE units until Monday, and thankfully I did really well on the last 2 units so I don't have to resubmit assignments - yippee!
I'll add my views on the titles when I get up and running again.  Fingers crossed for me.  You really don't realise how much you use the internet, or a blog, until you can't.

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