March 29, 2011

Retro TV weekend

The weather recently has been all over the place!  It's been hot and muggy, with yesterday being cold and windy with showers.  We can nearly experience 4 seasons in one day at the moment.

Being bored on the weekend, I decided to dig through the DVD shelves, determined to find something I haven't watched in years - and on the second shelf from the bottom I struck pay dirt!  Red Dwarf.  I bought these more than a few years ago and watched them religiously for ages, but as my tastes changed they gradually got pushed further and further down the shelves until they were sitting next to old boxed sets of CSI and ALIAS.

With only 6 or so episodes per season it doesn't take long to get through them all and to tell you the truth, I'd forgotten just how much I did like the show.  I know that they tried to style an American version, but that tanked (just like when they tried to remake Kath & Kim for US TV).  Favourite episodes include Nanarchy, Justice, Dimension Jump (starring Ace Rimmer. . . what a guy!), Quarrantine, Back to Reality, Legion and Epideme.  I've got to finish season 8 today, but am looking forward to seeing the episode 'Cassandra' again as it guest stars Geraldine McEwan who later went on to play Miss Marple when they remade the series.

I must track down a copy of Back to Earth, but am unsure as to whether or not I'll enjoy this as I've heard so many bad reviews.  Should I leave well enough alone?

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