July 18, 2011

New Books, New Units

I've fallen back into my rut.  I've got assignments due, but have found myself unable to concentrate on them 100% and have fallen back into my bookshelf to escape.  I'd say that this is a bad habit, but I've aced all my units so far, so maybe there's something to this?

A few months ago I bought myself some new roses (bare root stock) and just thought that I'd brag a little here as the first of my roses has blossomed.  It is a gorgeous pink and I'm only sorry that you don't get a chance to smell it because the rose scent that wafts my way when I walk passed it is heavenly.  This is my beautiful 'Jacaranda'. 

Next to flower should be 'Eiffel Tower' which nearly died on me the first week it was in the pot (harsh westerly winds), and now my favourite, Mister Lincoln, has a bud.  Should be inundated with roses soon.   Ahhh, beautiful!

I forsee buying myself an outdoor lounger and sitting in the sun, reading my favourite books while being surrounded by the intoxicating smell of my roses.  Hmmm, I don't know why, but I feel like a cup of tea now? 
(PS - I blame this on too much Miss Marple :-P )

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