July 4, 2011

Santa Claws!

As you know, it's been rather chilly here.  So to commiserate with the weather, I decided to sort out my craft box and all the wool I've been amassing over the last few years.  Ah, blessed warm wool.  I bravely dug deep and dragged out some wool and a few patterns, plus projects started last year (oops - my bad), and decided to get stuck into them.  I'm nearly finished knitting a huge chunky wool shawl in verigated autumn colours, and will post pic when complete.  I did happen to complete a santa's bonnet for the cat.  I know, it sounds strange, but it's for a local knitting competition. 

So, with a ball of half used red that just screamed 'Christmas', I took some measurements (when I could get the tape measure on her), made up a pattern and off I went.  My cat was not the happiest of models during the various stages of construction....
Do I have to?  I look like such a dork!

Little Cat on the Prairie
That's IT!  I'm outta here!
Oh God... just get it over with!
And after a few hours - and a few bribes for the cat - the Santa Claws hat was finished!  Yes.  One project down, many more to go.  Now if I could only get the her to look at the camera instead of hiding her face.  Hmmmm....

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