August 15, 2011

Moving Day approaches

Well, this Friday it will be official.  I will be signing the lease for my unit.... woohoo!

I'm so excited by the move, but I also feel queasy at the thought of striking out on my own.  Thankfully, family will be less than 2 hours away.  So stiff upper lip and all that.

It's an exciting time but reality is hitting me as I now need to organise to have all my stuff hauled out there.  There will be boxes everywhere in the coming week or so.  I have so many books its not funny - and I can't even take my huge bookcase because it's too heavy!  The furniture shops out west are sure going to luv me :P

My only real problem will be getting my cat out there.  Poor little darlin' gets upset if you drive down the end of the street with her stuck in the noisy growling people-mover.  Two hours over the mountain range is just going to suck. . . I think I'll hit the vets before I go to get her something to calm her down.

Oh, and then there is my collection of plants, ferns, roses.  How the hell is this going to work?

Meanwhile, I'm just about to start another lot of units in my studies.  Oh, joy - not.  I certainly didn't pick the best time in the world to move, did I?  I'll have to chose the least demanding of my remaining units so that I don't stress while I'm settling in.  Who'd of thought that there would be so many details to see to?  Insurance, rent, utilities, internet, mobile phone coverage, changing address with everyone (banks, school, etc), arranging new Dr's, vet, dentist, finding a good hairdresser . . . oh God, the list never ends!

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