August 17, 2011

Return to Wonderland

Wow, what luck.  I was passing our local EB (Electronic Boutique) shop the other day and decided to look around.  Among the utter violent crap I happened to spot a lonely DVD case on a high shelf.  Grabbing it, I couldn't believe that I'd gotten my hands on the last copy of Alice: Madness Returns that they had!

I'm not really into PC games - or Xbox, PS whatever, etc - but I just had to have it.  I found a copy of the original game at a local cheap shop for about $8 (na-na-neh na na) and found it to be entertaining, you know, for a complete gaming novice.  So with that in mind, I bit the bullet and bought A:MR.

Okay, its a lot harder {oy, no laughing at the newbie!} and the graphics are certainly better than the first Alice.  The Cheshire Cat is back in all his tribal glory, as Alice, ably accompanied by her trusty Vorpal Blade, hunts for the monster corrupting Wonderland. . . again.

This series hasn't gotten the best of reviews, but I don't care.  I love the Alice in Wonderland story and collect the books, movies and games.  The only thing I've found disappointing about this game so far is that there is no Offical (or Unofficial for that matter) Strategy Guide.  Some enterprising people have guides online for PS3, etc, but as yet no PC versions.  There isn't even a PC Cheat list!

Anyhow, must dash.  I'm off to run havoc in Wonderland - will be back in time for tea! :P

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