December 7, 2011

And then there was three

Five Odd Honors is the final, but hopefully not last, book in Lindskold's new series.

Brenda has saved the day - again - much to her father's chagrin, but has now been ousted by Gaheris (her father) and sent off to university for her troubles.  It's here that Brenda gets hit with another whammy... now her mothers heritage has surfaced to bite her in the butt.

The Orphans are still fighting to make their way into the Lands Born of Sadie's an Sacrifice, and now they have the help of some of the ghosts of the first Horse, Ram, Monkey, Ox and the Snake.  Standing in their way is the ghost of Pearl's father, Thundering Heavens, who is still pissed off that his heir, the Tiger, was his daughter.  Now, possessing a powerful sword, he has teamed up with the enemy to take back his title.

Meanwhile, Brenda is being drawn into the world of the sidhe and will once again hold the balance of power in her hands.
This book goes off in a slightly different direction, but is still a great book.  The only let down is that there is no definitive answer regarding whether or not this is the final of a trilogy, or not.  Either way, you're still left hanging, wondering if Brenda and Flying Claw will ever get together.

Fingers crossed that a new book will be out soon.

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