December 7, 2011

Lindskold does it again!

Hi there.  I've been a tad remiss lately in regards to adding great reads to this blog, but I hope to fix that today.

I found this first book, Thirteen Orphans, at my new local library.  Like Kylie Chan, Jane Lindskold has mixed Eastern mythology with Western contemporary and come up with a winning combination.

Set in America, you follow the story of 19 year old Brenda Morris, who has just discovered her supernatural heritage.  Unlike Chan's series, Lindskold sets her story around the Chinese zodiac.  The descendants of the banished Earthly Branches are being picked off one by one by someone who knows their secrets.

Without getting into the details, Brenda and some other new initiates have to help stop the bad guys (well, a hot girl, her father and her lover) from stealing the power and memories of the other members of the zodiac.

Now, I can't really tell you about the next two books here as it'll give away what happens in this book, but rest assured, the next book, Nine Gates, starts soon after the climax of 13 Orphans.

If you love Kylie Chan, or the Firekeeper series then you'll love these books too.

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