December 28, 2011

Christmas reading

Merry Christmas to you all!  I hope your day was as fabulous as mine.

This year was the first time I have never received a book for Christmas.  Strange, but true.  Luckily, a pre-ordered title showed up - just in time for some Yuletide cheer. 

"What book was it?" I hear you ask... well, it was the latest story in the seemingly neverending Breeds saga by Lora Leigh.  Lawe's Justice picks up soon after Styx's Storm and we find Rachel's sister, Diane, hunting for the location and names of Breeds or former Council scientists who can help her niece, Amber.  A Huntress, she is wary of her mate, Lawe Justice, as he wants to corral this high-spirited warrior, and keep his mate safe behind Sanctuary's formidable walls.

Adding to the tension between the two is a feral breed, Gideon, who has endured torture that was beyond compare.  He is using Diane to locate 3 former captive Breeds whom he considers betrayed him by keeping him alive (they did it out of love I think?), and is killing every person he considers guilty.

There are appearances by the other alpha's, and this is a continuation of the Bradenmore storyline. 

Braden and Megan are present for a brief moment, this is their first appearance in a looong time, so I savoured it.

Although this is Dianne and Lawe's story, the introduction of Gideon made me want to read his story instead.  He is such a forceful, tortured character that he simply overrides the others.  He's just like Jonas - only, you know, psychotic.

This book was only about 2 1/2 stars, but Gideon pushed it up to 3.

You can read this as a stand alone book, but it is much more potent when you have read all the others.

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