February 29, 2012

Celebrity in Death

Hands down, this is the longest series I've ever read, let alone collected... and there seems to be no end in sight.  Now numbering in the 30's (34 to be exact), and Lt. Eve Dallas will probably still be going at book 63! 

Celebrity in Death picks up not long after Eve's last case, and after Eve and Roarke's meltdown in the last book I was worried how Robb would try to repair their relationship.  Instead of falling back into old patterns, I was pleasantly surprised at Eve's emotional progress.  No longer was she lashing out in anger and pain, she was instead trusting those around her to help her through the toughest of times.  Amazingly there was even a slight mellowing between Eve and Somerset which I found amusing.  But I digress....

Now I eagerly awaited this book.  I reserved it from my local library (1st in queue! woohoo!) and have spent the last 5 or so hours devouring it.  This time round, Eve's latest case revolves around the movie being made about one of her earlier cases, the Icove murders (Origin in Death).  Now, the bitchy celebrities of The Icove Agenda have become the prime suspects in the murder of one of their own - and under Eve and Peabody's noses - so Dallas and Peabody have to man up once again to find the killer.

This was just a great murder mystery and after following Eve's gut wrenching past through various storylines, I'm so thankful it wasn't as emotionally charged as the last book. This was classic Eve at her best - and JD Robb too.  It's been so long since there has been a book that hasn't had the tread of Eve's past running through it as a major sidestory.  Here we are back to the classic formula where Eve has a hunch and follows it no matter what the obstacles.  I could tell you how much I enjoyed certain parts, but that might spoil it for those who haven't read it yet.

Now I think I'm a fairly clued in reader, I've usually discovered the killers identity long before the big reveal, but this time the killers identity was a surprise to me.  Perhaps I was tired, or I just missed some clues that were right under my nose? But for whatever the reason I didn't twig to the killer until Eve mentioned it...d'oh.

If you'be never picked up an In Death title before for goodness sake, don't start with this one.  You'll just become horribly confused.  Start with Naked in Death.  You won't be disappointed.

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