February 26, 2012

New books on order

Hi there!  With all this wet weather hanging around, I thought I just might need some new reading material.  So off I went to my trusty online bookshop and spent way too much time pondering over all the titles I'd love to get.  Finally, after much debate, I narrowed it down to six.  I would have ordered more, but there is only so much I can spend on books!  My budget just wouldn't take it if I indulged every month - heck, I'd purchase weekly if I could afford it :P

So what were my choices, you ask?  Well, thank you for your interest.  Currently winging it's way to me are some more titles from a few of the must have series I get.

Ooh, just got an email to tell me that Timeless by Gail Carriger has just been released from the publishers.  It's the first cab off the rank, so to speak, and should be hitting my local Post Office in a week or so.  This is the first steam punk series I've ever read (thanks to Aaron at Bookworld for recommending it!), and I've enjoyed the series so far.  It has all my favourite things... werewolves, vampires, paranormal romance with some murder/mystery thrown if for good measure.

The other books that I purchased consisted of

  the new Patricia Briggs book, Fair Game.  I've been eagerly awaiting this next Alpha and Omega story.
  Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter's anthology, Angel's Flight.
•  Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris.
•  Canyons of Night, the latest of the Jayne Castle (AKA Jayne Ann Krentz) Ghost Hunter series, and finally
Andrea Kane's sequel to Twisted, Drawn in Blood.

 Now, having said that I couldn't resist jumping onto Book Depository and having another look for more books {if I keep going like this I'll have to open a library just for all my books :)} and found some good one.  There is a trilogy by Leslie Tentler (Chasing Evil) that has really whetted my appetite.  The 3 stories don't share the same lead characters, but boy it sounds like a great thriller/murder mystery.  It's in my wishlist, but I'm tempted to sneak it into the cart...

Following my success at finding some new authors, I soldier on.  I'd love to get my hands on Sharon Sala's Snowfall, but unfortunately there is nothing in stock... bummer.  Back to the more familiar, and I've found another Andrea Kane that's due for release soon - mine now - and passed on a few P.C. Cast titles (I think I've moved on from them, although I still adore Divine by Mistake), and am into the final stretch for the moment.  Feehan has released a new Sea Haven book... do I or don't I?... hmmmm.... wishlist.

Speaking of old favourites, I've also spotted the first book in the Annie Darling series, Death on Demand, by Carolyn Hart. Having borrowed some of the later titles from the local library over the years, I don't mind reading this series. It's a not too complicated read, and although more in the vein of a more dedicated crime book, it's not as captivating as say the In Death series. Into the wishlist for this title.

So now that I've perused my old wishlist, and added some things to it, I've been bad and ordered another couple of books. 

Coming to a mailbox (namely mine) soon are, drumroll please.....

•  No Safe Place - Jo Ann Ross
•  Courting Darkness - Yasmine Galenorn
•  Hiding in the Shadows - Kay Hooper
•  In Too Deep - Jayne Ann Krentz, and lastly
•  Midnight Caller - Leslie Tentler

Oh well.  Like I always tell people - I don't drink, or smoke.  This, books and reading, is my addiction :D

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