February 25, 2012

One for the Money a flop?


I was looking forward to seeing Stephanie Plum brought to life on the big screen, but after reading the reviews today (see link below) I'm not sure whether I'll see it at the cinema?

Has anyone seen the movie? Is the 1 star review harsh or totally justified?

I think perhaps I'll just wait for the DVD.   Though I do have to confess I think it's the choice of actors that is the problem.  None of the actors cast really fit the images I'd built up in my head. On-screen Ranger doesn't look like my Ranger, nor does Morelli.  The late, great Estelle Getty would have been great as Grandma Mazur.  However, Ann Guilbert would have been fabulous as Stephanie's Grandma.  She was wonderful on The Nanny, plus she can pull off that style of comedy.  You only have to look at her done up as Yetta (below) to see what a wonderful Grandma Mazur she'd have made.

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