March 7, 2012

Couldn't help myself

Yes, I caved.  After talking about the Drake Sisters series, I couldn't help it.  I ordered 2 more books from the online bookstore.  But that's it - no more till after Easter... I promise!

So what did I buy?  Well it'll be no surprise that its Water Bound and Spirit Bound - especially since I've started on the books that lead up to them.  What did surprise me is that there has been a name change to the series.  Yeah, I was amazed too.  Instead of listing them as A Sea Haven Novel, the author's got Sisters of the Heart listed on her website.  Which is strange because the books as still being sold with the Sea Haven tag on the covers.  Who knows, but personally I'll stick with A Sea Haven Novel.  It just sounds better to me - and not so girly if you know what I mean.  Perhaps it is only on the UK covers?  I've noticed that the US covers still carry the original series, but Spirit Bound UK has the new one... hmmm?

Whatever the name, I can't wait to get my hands on Spirit Bound.  This time we meet the third of the Prakenskii brothers, Stefan.  He sounds just as bossy, arrogant and talented as his brothers so I'm expecting a good read - and wow, it doesn't hurt that all of those boys are deliciously yummy.  From what has slipped in the other books, I think Gavriil is the eldest.  It sounds like his book will be very good.  So that's 4 brothers named (Ilya, Lev, Stefan and Gavriil), 3 more to go...

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