March 7, 2012

I'll Be Watching You...

Andrea Kane certainly knows what she’s doing. This book grabs you from the first chapter and doesn’t let go until the thrilling climax. It twists and turns until you are unsure as to who you should suspect, and even then, the identity of the killer is a surprise.

Okay, the basic synopsis is this. Dr. Taylor Halstead, a NY school psychologist and radio personality, is assaulted by her cousin’s boyfriend. Interrupted before he can rape her, he leaves her unconscious and handcuffed to the bed, after telling her he’ll be back to finish what they’ve started. When she wakes up she reports his arse to the police. Now, on the same day that he attacks her, Gordon Mallory, her cousin (and roommate) Stephanie and some friends are killed when an explosion rips through his luxury yacht. Taylor is devastated, and left feeling emotional battered.

Months later, Taylor’s life is once again thrown into turmoil when she begins to get notes and phone calls from someone. When dealing with her late cousins estate, she meets lawyers to finalise some financial details. There she runs into and freaks out as she comes face to face with Gordon’s identical twin Jonathan. Lawyer Reed Watson steps in and helps her. The two form a bond and they begin to see each other. Jonathan however doesn’t take the hint and continues to pursues her. Meanwhile her stalker ups the ante by killing one of her co-workers and friend. With the help of Reed, Taylor has to uncover the identity of her stalker. . . or risk becoming his next victim.

Now, what did I think of this book you ask?  Well... I love, love, loved it. I came across this book after finding a battered ex-library copy of Scent of Danger - and since I loved that book - I was looking forward to another by Kane. I wasn’t disappointed. Her leading lady, Taylor, is a woman who knows herself but isn’t afraid to admit to being insecure and needy at times. Reed is a strong protective man with a deep need to keep his lady safe. Their consequent relationship wasn’t hard to foretell, and was interesting to watch as it seems to stay constant and steady, forging ahead under stresses that in real life would most likely tear any committed couple apart. Jonathan, twin of Gordon, is an interesting character as he struggles to overcome childhood traumas - but not until after he's made a real arse of himself. Gordon was a nasty piece of work and when he was blown up at the beginning, I cheered!

This book twists and turns, taking readers through a range of emotions and ideas. It gives you an insight into the turmoil a stalker can have on their target, and the lack of protection given to their victims by the law. Looking back there was one or two subtle, and I mean subtle, hints as to the identity of Taylor’s stalker. The stalker’s reasoning was hard to fathom at times, but once the identity is revealed then it makes sense. Then again, stalkers don’t seem to need a rational reason to begin with.

If you liked Twisted, Scent of Danger, any of the Noah Bishop books by Kay Hooper or even the JD Robb books starring Lt. Eve Dallas, then you’ll enjoy this book. Be warned . . .it’s addictive, so I wouldn’t recommend reading it during your lunch hour. You just won’t want to put it down.

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