April 18, 2012


For all of you who are desperately awaiting the next Sookie Stackhouse title, then fret no more. 

With it's release only a few weeks away the latest book in the series, Deadlocked, is sure to pick up right where we left Sookie.... fed up with the troubles in her life, and wondering what the hell she's going to do about a certain hunky Viking vampire.

Having read the Chapter 2 exerpt in the back of Dead Reckoning, I'm not sure how Sookie and Eric are going to stay together (if they do at all), and then there's Sam's new squeeze who seems to have problems with Sookie being in Sam's life.  It doesn't seem to matter what she does, things just never seem to work out for Sookie in the long run, do they?

I have to admit, that the last few books have left me feeling a tad disenchanted with the series, but I dug my heels in and continued to read and buy them.  Now things seem to be picking up again (story-wise) and I just hope that we can get back to the classic Sookie.  It was a bit depressing with all the battles, and deaths.  Sookie and Eric were like peas in a pod - and I kind of missed her flitting from supe to supe (Alcide, Quinn, Sam, Bill, Eric).  It was more fun that way!

So here's to this next installment.  May it be a good one.

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