April 16, 2012

Last of my new books arrives

I have been receiving my new books at a steady pace over the last few weeks.  I am in book heaven!

My most recent parcel contained Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts and Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris.  Since I was leaving to visit my mum, I spent those few days just relaxing, and reading them in bed at night (well, the sofa bed anyway).  It was nice to finally read something that wasn't related to my studies.

Over the last couple of weeks all the books I ordered have arrived - some were great, others only so-so - and now I can get around to adding my 2 cents worth about them to the blog as a book review.  Only it'll be in a little while as I'm finishing the rough draft of my assignment (and the final copy is due in about 3 weeks) so pleasure reading will be at an all time low for the next few weeks.

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